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What Makes Japan so Special?

What is it about Japan that lures; that unique appeal that draws millions of tourists to its shores every year? When I think about Japan, so many wonderful things come to mind. So I thought I’d reflect for a moment and list all the wonderful points in my head, in the hope of luring you here one day too 🙂

The people: certainly the most amazing thing about Japan is its people. While there are certain elements of the Japanese culture which repress individual expression etc., the reasons are also quite beautiful. Preserving / maintaining the “Wa” (which means “harmony”) is of the utmost importance in Japan. For this reason, being loud, and disturbing others around you, is frowned upon. This is why people are always so quiet on trains, so patiently waiting in lines, and so polite whenever you enter their store, accidentally bump them while walking past, or interrupt them to ask them directions.

No matter where, when, or how you deal with Japanese people in your daily life, they will always show you their best side, to ensure you feel comfortable and have a pleasant interaction. And as a result, you are more encouraged / inspired to do the same, to reciprocate the pleasantness, which compounds and permeates through almost all your daily interactions in the country.

The Japanese people are also incredibly generous, considerate, and kind, going out of their way to make you not only feel comfortable, but also to help you with whatever you may need. Especially in the realm of customer service, the Japanese excel unlike any other nationality.

The scenery: Japan is a country of stark contrasts. The traditional: thousand-year-old temples and shrines, built of the finest materials, perched atop magnificent mountains, sitting amongst giant monolith trees (which are considered Gods in the local “Shinto” religion of Japan), or next to bubbling streams; the epitomy of peace; tranquility; harmony.

Then you have the megalopolis cities of the modern; bright neon lights, perfectly-run public transport (don’t bother to run for a train – by the time you get to the platform, the next one will already be pulling in), millions of people crammed into every street, high-rise buildings with restaurants on top overlooking the entire city-scape, subculture upon subculture that you can delve deeper and deeper into the longer you stay… there is something for everyone in the big cities of Japan.

The food: undoubtedly one of the best points about Japan is their unique, healthy, nutritious, delicious, and impeccably presented, food. The pride the Japanese take in whatever they do translates into some of the most unique and taste-bud titillating, mouth-watering delicacies you may ever see. Plus, these days Japan has become incredibly affordable, so even shoestring backpackers can afford to try a wealth of wondrous dishes while you’re here.

The history: Sometimes touching, sometimes painful, always intriguing, Japan’s history leaves nothing to the imagination, and no matter where you go, you will always find some trappings of a world past, but not forgotten; whether it be a tiny shrine in the middle of a busy city street, a Geisha clopping down a cobble-stoned street of Kyoto in her “geta”, or a hundred+ year old tea-house nestled into the edge of a cliff atop a crystal clear stream in the countryside.

The Seasons: Cherry blossoms in Spring, tropical humidity and vivid green jungle-like lushness in Summer, coloured Japanese maple leaves in Autumn, and monkeys bathing in hot springs surrounded by snow in Winter; every season brings with it a unique and astonishing wonder that must be appreciated.

Japan is a country that must be experienced. I can’t even begin to capture the true wonder of the place in a simple post like this, but hopefully I have begun to capture your attention, and hopefully increased your desire to come and explore it for yourself! 🙂

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