What is a Working Holiday in Japan?

A Working Holiday in Japan is designed to foster young people with global perspective and enhance friendly relationships between Japan and partner countries/regions.

A Japan Working Holiday Visa allows you the flexibility to work and travel around Japan, for a period of up to 1 year (18 months for Australians).

Since the Working Holiday programme is intended to promote greater mutual understanding, the applicant’s primary aim should be to holiday in Japan. The programme is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work or study in Japan (for which purposes the appropriate visa should be sought).

To fully appreciate the many different aspects of Japan, it is advised that the working holiday applicant moves to different areas within Japan at approximately 3-month intervals.

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Making the Most of your Working Holiday in Japan | Our Suggested Itinerary

If you’re planning to come to Japan on a Working Holiday Visa, you’ve got a full 12 months to really make the most of your experience. There’s so much to do, so many places to see, and so many wonderful people to meet. So where do you start? Read our suggested best itinerary for a working holiday in Japan. 😉

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Official Information about the Japan Working Holiday Visa

For official information (location of your nearest Japanese consulate to apply at etc), and to download the application forms, visit the Government’s website Here.

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