NOTE: We only accept applications from outside Japan.
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Resort staff must be positive, hard-working, open-minded people who enjoy challenges, and are prepared to step out of their comfort zone. They’re expected to work hard, but those who make effort have the time of their lives!

Please understand you’ll be spending a lot of time at work. Each year, a few staff quit on their 2nd day of work, claiming they “just want to ski”. Please accept that Resort work is not just a vacation, but a unique chance to learn Japanese and experience the culture and work-ethic first hand. With the right attitude, you’ll find your job can be just as interesting and fun as your time-off!

To be eligible for Resort Jobs in Japan, you must meet the below criteria:

  • You must be eligible for a Japanese Working Holiday Visa*. Citizens of Argentina / Australia / Austria / Canada / Denmark / France / Germany / Hungary / Hong Kong / Ireland / New Zealand / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Slovakia / South Korea / Spain / Taiwan / UK between 18-30 years of age, currently residing in their country of citizenship, are eligible. Unfortunately, Permanent Residents of these countries are not eligible.

    *Japanese Citizens, and Japanese Permanent Residents, Spouse, or Child of Japanese National Visas are also accepted. Unfortunately, standard Japanese Working Visas (not Working Holiday), are not eligible.

  • The longer your availability, the higher your chance of getting a job.

    SKI Jobs: usually commence mid-December, and finish March 31st. You may be able to stay longer (ie. if there’s a lot of snow, and the Resort stays open longer than usual). A few short-term jobs (finishing end-February) are also available.

    BEACH Jobs: in Okinawa start all year-round, with most positions from April – October. July – Sep is the busiest period at the resorts, so we recommend you be available for at least this period. You must be available for at least 3 consecutive months.

  • Beginner Japanese speaking ability (at least 1 year of study, self study ok) is required for resort jobs.

    The better your Japanese is, the higher your chance of getting a job.

    Want to practice your Japanese? Join a local event near you!

Application Process

  • Fill out our Online Application Form
  • Complete a Telephone Interview
  • Wait for a Tentative job offer
  • Get your Flights, Visa, and Travel Insurance (we’ll send detailed info to assist you)
  • Pack your Bags, and don’t miss your flight!

Our Internship Programs

Due to the poor economic climate, Japanese resorts have come under increasing pressure to minimise expenditures, and have reduced their intake of part-time staff.

Internship positions (education-oriented programs) have been less affected. Internships place higher emphasis on education and work experience, while salary for internships is often less than normal part-time work.

To give you the best chance of securing a position (especially for low-level Japanese speakers), when you apply on this website, you can select whether you are also interested in being considered for Internship positions.

Full details about our affiliated internship programs (including salary and benefits) can be found at http://www.japaninternship.net.

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