You guys were awesome as Mac Donalds Big Mac burgers. I was pretty satisfied with all the stuff you let me know [and] with the emails and stuff. Thanks a trillion million billion gazillion. – Shingo

“Don’t go there for the money…but go because it’s a beautiful place, you’ll find friends to hang out with and you can practice your Japanese and go skiing or boarding on your days off! In that sense it’s a really great experience! 🙂 “– Liwina, Denmark. Winter 2012-2013

I’d like to say that the service and support I have received [from boobooSKI] has been great. The experience of working and living in Japan has been one that I’ll always cherish and forever be grateful. I’m having a great time both learning the language and experiencing the culture and this could never have happened without the assistance of BoobooSKI”– Ulas, UK. Winter 2012-2013

“Cheers Guys had an amazing time, probably contender for the best few months of my life. (The best part was) Getting to know the people, both the Japanese and the foreign staff members. People always make the experience.Massive thanks to the whole team because without you guy’s I wouldn’t have just come off my first ski season in Japan with the money to tour it on a motorbike.

Thank you once more for an unforgettable (in the right way) experience and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.”

“Thank you so much for the experience and all the help you have provided. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone that wants to do the same as me.“– Scott

“Having completed the past season with BooBooSki, I just wanted to thank you and the company for the work in organizing the placement and effectively dealing with problems that arose during that time. Overall it was a very good experience, and one that would have been impossible without your help. I`d especially like to praise Grant from Staff Support, who has gone out of his way in responding to queries promptly, and bluntly when necessary.Thanks again and I`m hoping, depending on events in the near future, that I may find more work through the company soon”– David

“Thank you for such a well-run operation”.– Leanne (a mother of a staff member).

“The best bit of my experience has been the snow ( by far the best snow i have skied in!) also meeting all the great people and working with people of a different culture and learning about their culture, and teaching [to ski] lots of different ability’s and from all over the world”

– Jordan

“I’m having a fantastic time! Couldn’t be happier, well except for the rain at the moment. I’m so glad I signed up with you, as I feel that my life is finally beginning. I have nothing but positive things to say about Boobooski because you set me up with everything I needed and were available should I have any problems, which I didn’t…”

– Marcus.

I am working at xxxxx in Okinawa now and I enjoy very much because I can meet a lot of Japanese friends and I can improve my Japanese communication skill.– Ceci

You have no idea how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, honestly. Thank you so much!
PS I am having a really nice time down here. Thanks! =)– Samantha

Dear boobooSKI,I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the opportunity to participate in the Working Holiday at xxxxxxx. Words cannot describe the absolutely amazing experience I had. Not only meeting and working the staff and the other gaijin, but the beautiful location and the island lifestyle. The people were so gracious and patient. I am now more determined to continue working to improve my Japanese and hope to spend a lot more time in Japan.

I am deeply grateful for this experience, which will stay with me forever. I already miss Okinawa.

Thank you once again!!!

Warm Regards,

– Sarah

Thanks for your help last year, made heaps of friends, there are a bunch of us that worked in hakuba last season meeting up in niseko this season its going to be great.– Rob

“I really learned a lot and had a great time working at the ski resort.The best part was making friends with Japanese people who were from all across Japan, and getting used to all the different accents. Also to be able to learn a bit about the Japanese work culture.A great opportunity to meet a range of different Japanese people all across Japan, and a great place to improve your Japanese. Definitely worth the experience. Thanks for the opportunity.”

“thank you for finding me this job in Japan. It is definitely a lifetime experience for me. I know what I am going to write would be the same as others Testimonials, so instead I will send you this picture to show my appreciation.”“Interacting with the Japanese staff who were older than me gave me an interesting insight into Japanese culture that I don’t think I would have been able to experience just traveling in Japan. I am glad that I worked there and thankyou for the opportunity.”

“It really was a very good experience and I have gained a lot from it. Not only your Japanese would get to improve, but you’ll also get to meet a lot of new things and new people. Just don’t be shy and try to speak as much Japanese as you can- the Japanese people are all really friendly and are all very willing you help you. Try to learn as much Japanese as you can before you start working at the resort though, this would save you from feeling miserable for the first couple of weeks when you had absolutely no clue about what everyone was talking about.”

“The best part of my resort experience would be the times socialising with my Japanese co-workers. My Japanese speaking and listening skills did not get to improve dramatically, but I have certainly gained more confidence in speaking in Japanese by conversing with them everyday. Dorm life was a lot of fun as well.”“Not being a grumpy arse will get you far with people even if you can’t speak the language.”

“Thankyou so much for all the help you gave me and i had enjoyed a wonderful time over in Japan. I met a lot of friends and they all very nice and helpful. They brought me to a lot of places and this is the memory which i will remember forever in my life! Thank you very much!!
“In all honesty the best part of the Resort work was being able to meet so many people (both Japanese and other foreigners). The people in the country are really nice and you spend so much time together working, living in the dorms and hanging out together when you have days off, there is a real opportunity to become good friends with them, which is something you can’t really do as a tourist in Japan. Also, becoming friends with them has really inspired me to study Japanese more so that I can talk with them in the future.”

“I had a fantastic time and would certainly tell everyone to do the same thing! I would like to thank you for helping me get a place, and I will never forget the experience.”“You guys have been most helpful with everything along the way and for that I am grateful.”

“even if you don’t know Japanese if you make an effort to learn the language and talk to the Japanese staff and show initiative and enthusiasm at work, it will be noticed and appreciated.”

“Have an open mind and be ready to go out of your comfort zone. Besides that, enjoy yourself and make the most of it! The time flies by way too quickly and you’ll wish you’d had more time to ski/snow board!
Don’t hesitate and just apply. It’ll be the time of your life.”“I will never forget the life changing experince I had Japan. It was the working holiday of a lifetime and I would love to be able to do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance throughout the process. You work is to be commended.”

“Thanks for everything, it was a life changing experience. I had so much fun!!”“Thank you Adam. I appreciate all you and your team’s support through the application process!! Best wishes to all those who participate in next year’s programs.”

“thank u again for the opportunity, experience and help. And a big thanks to masami for the course”

“I am having a blast already and want to thank you and your company for such a great oppotunity you have bridged us to. I wish you and you co-workers a Merry Merry Christmas and would like to extend these to your families ^^.”“Thanks for organising such a great experience in Japan for us, it was really one of the best things I have done in my life.”

“Just have fun! You’ll learn a lot as long as you have fun. Enjoy the work, don’t think of it as a hassle. Become interested in everything you can and it’ll make the experience much more enjoyable. If possible, get to know people outside the workplace as well!”“Boo Boo was an amazing experience for me, take the oppertunity to totally immerse yourself in the Japanese culture and language. My Japanese and confidence improved greatly. You will also make friends for life from all over the world!”

“The best part was to be able to live and work with Japanese people… Everyone was so nice and I’ll stay in contact with a lot of the people I’ve met here.”“grasp every moment as you can, yes at some times work can feel overwhelming especially seeming a little out of place being a gaiijin to start with, but if you just hold out that little bit longer awesomness WILL appear and you will have a blast… there are many little bad things now and again but forget them as the good and fun things definatly out weigh the bad 10times over!!!!”

“Thank you for all of your support over in Japan last year. I found the experience over in Japan wonderful and greatly appreciate all of your help over there. It must of been tough answering all of those emails, how did you do it?”“What was the best part? absolutely everything it was just fantastic. I now have unforgettable friends all across the world. my Japanese has improved and best of all i did all that whilst getting a tan!!!!”

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to make boobooSKI the best time of my life! The people I met, Australian AND Japanese, I’ll never forget, and my Japanese DID get a lot better!”“It is a fun experience but use it wisely, make sure you do everthing to improve you language ability. make sure you make the effort to interract with the japanese staff, dont come back to australia with some of the best Australian friends and say that you could have improved on your language ability. Its a learning experience, absorb the culture and soak up the atmosphere that is Japan. This visa can only be taken out once in a lifetime, DO NOT WASTE IT… upon completion of the contract, walk away with the best arsenal of japanese language, and contacts in japan for your next visit.”

“The friends I made in Japan will be friends forever!!”

“I was quite happy to be in a position where I couldn’t use English, since I think it’s the first real time my Japanese skill has been really put to the test. Naturally, I’m now doubling my efforts back home on that!”“The fact that we’re in a rural area meant that all forms of communication with people would be face-to-face and I think that is something staff should embrace.”

“Best part of the BooBooSKI experience… meeting people that become friends forever, and when you come back to japan you can rely on those people for help, also, not having seen snow before, the mere sight of the ski resort was mind blowing.”

“The best part of the boobooEXPERIENCE was the people. The snow will fall and melt, but the friendships forged… will stay for a lifetime.”“Thanks again for everything. You may rest assured that we all had an ace time, so once again thank you. I consider doing it again – need to get the old spoken Japanese as good as possible before heading of to uni again next year!

“My time on the BooBoo Beach scheme last year (2007) was in fact the best time i have had in my life. i met such a diverse bunch of people on the programme, and the job itself turned out to be so much fun with the other staff. interacting and learning japanese everyday has improved my knowledge and understanding of not just the language but the people and island itself. the japanese staff that you work with are so supporting and are at first a little shy to speak to you but once you’ve broken the ice they become the best colleagues to work with. the other BooBoo staff were amazing and i learnt a lot about their own countries and languages, but they also become the best group of friends i ever had and which i am still in contact with today!”

“Be prepared of how nice they are. If you face any problem, just talk to them, you will find how amazingly kind they are.”“It was an extremely eye-opening experience to be actually working in a Japanese company, to see how they do business and their differences to Australian companies. It is something that I will always remember and cherish. Thank you boobooSKI!”

“I had a really good time, learnt a lot of things about Japan, Japanese culture, and myself. My Japanese has improved from using it daily to my workmates and to the people living in the dormitory with me. It’s been a lot of fun all round.”

“The highlight of my boobooski experience was the people I met: in the dorm and at the resort. It was amazing to have been brought together with so many people from different backgrounds, and I’ve made plenty of friends who I hope I’ll keep in touch with til I’m old!”“You might feel nervous at the beginning, but it passes very fast. Everyone is very kind and will help you if they can.”

“I have made some fantastic Japanese friends who I will stay in contact with; I now consider myself an intermediate snowboarder; and I got to see some of the surrounding area whilst I was here.”“I have been an exchange student to Japan as well, and when I was first going on this working holiday I was a little unsure about how it would be. But as it turned out, it was better than my exchange year, I got to meet a larger range of people, get paid to work with them, and snow board every day off I had! It was awesome!”

“The whole experience was the best part! I did have a fantastic time, the hotel staff were extremely lovely, and would go out of their way to do things for us…”“Be proud to be one of the Resort Staff, be friendly to be one of the GAIJIN, be kind to be one of the SENPAI(if posibble) and be modest to be a KOUHAI and learn from them.”

“A VERY important suggestion I’d like to make – DON’T just spend your two months in Japan and then plan to go back to uni – you never know how much fun you’re going to have, and myself, I’m kicking myself for not taking the year off and spending more time in Japan. You only get ONE working holiday visa! After your boobooski experience, travel, find other work, enjoy Japan, instead of going back to uni (which you won’t enjoy anyway after having so much fun in Japan!). TRUST ME on this one.”

“It’s a simple choice really, you can sit on your bottom and do nothing, or you can have an absolute blast in Japan!”“I had a great time in Japan and am very thankful for all the hard work you guys put in for us. It was such an amazing experience.”

“Because i dont think ill be seeing you again just like to thank you and stuart for everything its been a really good trip n ive enjoyed every moment!! and thanks heaps adam for all your help with everything on the way!”“The best part of my boobooEXPERIENCE was the people i worked with – their kindness will forever remain in my memory!

“The best part was meeting the people that you work with and making friends with the Japanese people, probably the nicest people there are.”
“The trip was great and well worth it, it really helped my Japanese, and my ability to work in the most foreign of situations. And of course I made a bunch of really nice friends, one of whom has already come to Australia to visit me. All in all, good fun!”
“Be prepared to work. It was a little tiring, however work was so much fun, that I actually didn’t see it as work. All the people who I was with on a day to day basis became good friends and we more often than not spent most of the day laughing.”
“Come enjoy Japanese-style – very friendly people, good powder snow and smiles are free!”
“Best parts were making heaps of new friends and spending time together in free time and seeing Japan in a non-tourist way. Also snowboarding and always meeting people you know on the mountain and generally having epic snowboard sessions with friends on your days off.”
– James, Australia. Nagano 2011-2012
“I love been on the mountain everyday teaching, it’s a world away from what I was doing at home and I know I made the right decision on coming here and the experiences and friends I have made will be never forgotten.”
– Miles, England, Nagano 2011-2012
“Being constantly surrounded by others it was easy to make friends and as an added bonus my Japanese sky-rocketed as well.”
Sophie, Australia. Nagano 2011-2012
“Best 6 months of my life! I met so many new people and made memories I’ll never forget. And improved my japanese along the way! I would definitely recommend this opportunity to a friend.”
Chelsea, Summer 2013.
“I’d like to say thanks again and that it’s been a pleasure working with you guys both in Okinawa and Hakuba. I had my first Japanese class for the semester at uni on Friday and it definitely showed me that last year did it’s job and that I’ll cruise through it.”
Alexander,  Summer 2013 & Winter 2013-2014.
“For people wanting to go to Japan it gives them an opportunity to meet new people, make Japanese and foreign friends. And the works not bad either!”
Chelsea Higgins,  Australia – Summer 2013 & Winter 2013-2014.

“I had the time of my life! Great friends, great snow, great memories and the ease of it all was thanks to boobooski and the fantastic support that was offered by them. From pick-up in Tokyo to delivering us directly to our resorts/hotels, boobooski ensured we were in the right place and knew what to do. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of your ski ability or Japanese ability, you will pick it up in no time. Thanks to everyone involved in my boobooski experience, its one that i will treasure for a long time!.”
Rebecca, Australia. Winter 2013-2014.

“I had the time of my life! Great friends, great snow, great memories and the ease of it all was thanks to boobooski and the fantastic support that was offered by them. From pick-up in Tokyo to delivering us directly to our resorts/hotels, boobooski ensured we were in the right place and knew what to do. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of your ski ability or Japanese ability, you will pick it up in no time. Thanks to everyone involved in my boobooski experience, its one that i will treasure for a long time!.”
Cathy– Summer 2014 – Australia.
“You guys made the whole process very easy, in a country full of bureaucracy and their love of paperwork and such… I think it’s a great way to start your Japanese life without stressing about anything and by the time you’re done, you have a pretty good sense of how Japan and work life in Japan operates.”
Marco– Winter 2014-2015. Australia.
“Thanks so much BooBooski!…I’m going to miss Japan, I love Japan and everything it has to offer. Thanks so much for the job opportunity. It was an awesome experience for me which I enjoyed very much….You guys are very organized and know what you’re doing. Again thanks for everything.”
Spencer– Winter 2014-2015. Canada.
“Just wanted to say thanks to Boobooski for setting me up with the job. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. This whole season was just memorable. All the great friends I made and awesome coworkers I got to meet. My Japanese has improved sooooo much since before coming to japan. Really sad to have to leave the town and say goodbye to friends and colleagues.”
Wandara– Australian. Winter 2014-2015

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