There are many Resort jobs available in Japan every winter.
But it’s extremely important to check what your offer does (& doesn’t!) provide.

First, let’s focus on the Salary.

The hourly wage on our website might look lower than other offers, but when looking at the extras provided, our offers are some of the best.

To make it clear how much you actually get per month, here’s a few real-world examples (based on an average 170 hour working month):


Total (not including Lift Pass):
89,500 yen/month

Lift pass is usually not provided (or is discounted). A discounted pass will still cost you about 30,000yen!


Total (in your Pocket)
101,028 Yen/month

*IMPORTANT: You will always be paid at least the minimum wage. Above figures are based on a Nagano Prefecture job offer. Your resort’s exact pay & deduction details will be sent to you at the time of your job offer. 


Total (not including Lift Pass):
84,000 yen/month

Food costs could exceed 40,000yen when cooking for yourself, and any cut in hours significantly impacts your take-home pay due to such high deductions.

Lift pass is usually not provided (or is discounted). A discounted pass will still cost you about 30,000yen!

As you can see, you should always factor in all the extra costs not specified in your Offer, before making your decision on which to accept! A couple of the resorts we work with do have small deductions for food, but even in those cases the offers are still better than many others which may seem better at first glance. Exactly what you can expect at YOUR resort will be detailed in your Tentative Job Offer.


We’ve been working with many Hotels & Resorts all around Japan for almost 20 years. By applying once on our website, you will be considered for a Position at ALL the Resorts we represent.

Many available positions around Japan are run by foreign-owned companies. Most of the Hotels & Resorts we represent are owned by Japanese, with Japanese staff, meaning you get a REAL cultural experience, and a great chance to improve your Japanese language!

We offer 24/7 assistance for the entire time you’re in Japan, and have staff on the ground to help with anything you need.

All Regions except Niseko: There is no cost to apply for our programs. We only charge a 10,000yen (USD$100) Transport Fee when you arrive in Japan, which includes delivery to your Resort and a full Orientation to prepare you for your experience.

Niseko positions only: We charge a placement fee of USD$499, which guarantees you a job in one of Hokkaido’s best resorts (in Niseko).

Our offers are the minimum hourly salary you’ll receive! Many resorts offer more!

Lift passes at many resorts and hotels are not included, or they are discounted, but still cost 30,000yen. If they are provided, they’re often shared passes meaning they’re often unavailable. At most of our hotels and resorts (except some positions in Niseko), you’ll have your own pass provided for free!

The resorts we represent offer contracted positions which give job security. You won’t suddenly be asked to leave as soon as the Christmas and New Year period is over, or mid-way through the season as the tourist numbers slow. You’re guaranteed a job until the end of the season.

These are just some of the benefits to getting a position through us. By looking around our website you’re bound to find many more!

We hope you are excited about working in the ski resorts this winter, and we look forward to helping you secure a job!

Questions? Contact us anytime.