Live, work, and breathe the “real” Japan. Ski instructor jobs in Japan allow you to meet great people, learn Japanese fast, experience Japan’s unique culture, hospitality, world-class powder, and ski for free!

We work with resorts offering Ski (not snowboard) Instructor jobs for both Qualified AND non-qualified instructors.


Resorts in Hokkaido are offering Ski Instructor jobs in Japan for Qualified Ski (not snowboard) Instructors, starting end-Nov.

Benefits: Free Accommodation and Season Lift pass for your Resort.

Hourly Wage: 1000yen (if no qualification), 1300yen (level 1), up to 1500yen (level 2/3 qualification) before tax per hour (20% for foreigners on Working Holiday Visas).

Hours: Approx. 7-10hrs per day, 8-10days off per month.*
*Hours can fluctuate a little depending on the time of season. March, for example, is less busy than January.
Additional work in the ski rental section or admin-related ski school duties may be asked of you during times you don’t have lessons, which is why the average work day can be 7-10hrs long.

NOTE: While Resorts do their best to give you as much work as possible, weather conditions and customer fluctuations can impact the regularity of work. So please understand there may be more/less time off than detailed above.

Typical day: 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Contact teaching hours: 2-4 hrs teaching per day (including preparation / cleaning & other activities comes to about 7-10 hours per day).

Meals deduction: 1000yen per day (3 meals).

Salary: approx. ¥80,000 ~ 145,000 (before meals and tax deductions) per month (Currency Convertor) (Income tax is 20% for foreigners on Working Holiday Visas).

Important Note: This page is designed as a very general guide. More detailed information about your specific ski school including information about pay/hours/work will be given to you in your Tentative Job Offer.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


No qualifications required. Ski Instructors without experience will be restricted to teaching beginner lessons.

Location: Nagano, Niigata.

Benefits: Free Accommodation, Meals & Season Lift pass for your Resort.

Salary / Hours: same as our other available Ski Resort jobs.


Morning Preparation: Primary duties include briefly sweeping your ski school each morning, lessons, school-related admin work.

Regular Duties: Taking customer details (name, address, contact numbers) who wish to join ski classes. Helping customers organize rental equipment if required. Each day usually consists of 2 by 2 hour lessons. Outside of the lessons, you may be required to help ski rental with equipment preparation or collection at the end of the day, or other various duties.

Additional Duties: Greeting customers with a nice smile and a friendly ‘hello’.